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Garbage is a global problem
We at Logeco have a solution

We have a technology that ,,extracts’’ products that can be reused from unsorted waste. Let’s save our planet, let’s save our home!
  • World-unique technology for ecological waste recycling
  • Our purely Czech team developed this technology in the Czech Republic for over 8 years

One ERVOeco unit processes the following amount of waste per year

Our group in brief

Our technology

With ERVOeco, we can process unsorted waste such as municipal waste, unsorted plastics, food scraps, diapers, drapes, respirators, old clothes and carpets, household appliances, tires, sewage sludge, industrial waste, oil lagoons, and dozens of other types of waste. The output is a raw material that can be reused industrially for new products with infinite cycle of processes.

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We cooperate with the governments of many countries, multinational corporations and international banks in the implementation of environmental projects or the installation of ERVOeco technology for raw material recycling. We always follow the principle of transparency and openness to our partners.

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We want to inspire and offer the opportunity for each of you to participate in saving our world. Get rid of the planet’s garbage by investing in eco-projects and the revolutionary ERVOeco technology, so that our planet can be cleaned and saved.

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From press about us

ERVOeco technology award

ERVOeco timeline

Vision of the group

The LOGeco Group focuses mainly on two areas: The support of a world and the Czech Republic without waste and the support of education. The decision to direct LOGeco's support to education is linked to the overall emphasis on human capital. We feel it is our responsibility to help those who through no fault of their own, find themselves in difficult living conditions and who also have the will, the desire and the ability to change their destiny or the destiny of the planet.

Values and social responsibility

LOGeco Group supports a number of charitable projects in the Czech Republic as well as in the countries in which it operates, especially in the field of education, science, development and humanitarian aid. Wherever the LOGeco Group does business and invests, it is also aware of its social responsibility which is why we support various non-profit and charitable projects in all countries where it operates.



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